LNH is a transportation company that offers quality service at a reasonable price. As a relatively experienced transportation company in the industry, LNH provides services for the employees, students, tour, charter and even point-to-point shuttle service.

LNH boasts the fleet of 40-seater, 44-seater, 25-seater and even 8-seater air-conditioned fleets with adequate luggage space.

In line with the Government’s efforts to make land travel more efficient, LNH is the only transportation company that provides its customers with wide range of services such as tour and charter. In future, LNH will be expanding its services into maintenance sector of vehicle.

LNH aims to provide its passengers a low cost, yet comfortable and efficient ride. The Value in Choosing LNH :-

Convenience. A one stop transportation company that provides widest range of transportation services.
Reliable. LNH gets you to your destination on time and without hassle.
Booking. All you have to do is just make a phone call. Make the required payment and there you go.


Company Objective

LNH Tour & Transport Sdn. Bhd is willingly to have a close relationship with its customers. A close relationship with our customers will allow us to work together due to overcome problems effectively. With close relationship between us and our customers, especially in transportation services will indirectly creating comfort ability from our customers towards us, thus, it also creates the confident of our customers towards our services. With these, we can be the best transportation services provider.

• The best and high quality transportation services provider
• Always on time
• Providing the clean and safety first fleet