LNH's fleet are all well maintained daily whether for it's cleaniness or safety reasons. LNH has it's own maintenance team in order to maintain the fleet for its road worthy where is long distance or short distance journey. LNH has segregrate it into a few process for routine maintenance check for it's fleet such as:-

Daily Check
1. Drivers will have to return to the headquarter before any assignment given to them and get their vehicle check.
2. Supervisor will have to be together with the drivers and to record the feedback from the drivers about the vehicle conditions.
3. The supervisor will report to the maintenance team about the vehicle conditions and at the same time, the decision of allowing the vehicle to be on the road to be decide.

Monthly Check
1. Every vehicle of LNH has it's own scheduled monthly check.
2. The vehicle will be service once a month (Depends on it's mileage) and at the same time, the brake system, clutch system and other safety related system will be check.
3. All of LNH's vehicle will be overhaul at least once every five years. This is to minimise the wear and tear effect on the vehicles.
4. Monthly meeting with the drivers to brief them on how they should look after the vehicle the right way.

With all of these briefly explained procedures, LNH strive to improve its vehicles' maintenance from time to time in order to satisfy the customers and to minimise the downtime of the vehicles.