Safety is the priority in LNH's portfolio. Most of the vehicles of LNH are carrying passengers. Safety concern is the priority in every transportation company. Thus, LNH are looking into this aspect by obeying the prinncipal in choosing and maintaining the vehicles. Choose the right driver also play an important role in giving our customers comfort yet safe journey. Below are the principal that LNH look into it when choosing a vehicle or driver.

1. All of LNH's vehicle are based on R66 body construction (Regulations by the government for buses body construction)
2. The vehicle of LNH are equipped with speed limiter where all of the vehicle are allow to maximum 90km/h. (According to the regulations by the government)
3. GPS was installed in all the vehicles of LNH where LNH will be able to monitor the driving habits, speed and location. If the drivers are too reckless, this system will be able to immobilise the vehicle to prevent the driver from continuing to drive.

1. The drivers required to have valid license and PSV approved by the JPJ (Road Transport Department) before they are allow to drive the vehicles of LNH
2. The drivers are sent for medical check up before LNH recruit them and the medical report has to be fit to drive.
3. All the necessary training such as first aid, emergency situation and maintenance procedure are compulsory to the drivers.

Customers will be able to contact our customers service careline 24 hours a day for any feedback about the drivers or the vehicle.